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the angel n prince romance
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Utapri Stamp - Starish VS AllStar Handsome Rivalry by TenshiNoFuuAi Stamp by KabehchetAi Senpai Stamp by ArtLover57Utapri Stamp - Seniors, Ai Camus Ranmaru Reiji by TenshiNoFuuStamp: Hijirikawa Masato by lehriisaursMasato Hijirikawa Stamp by TokiyaLuvahUta No Prince-Sama Stamp by wow1076Aikatsu! Stamp by CureStarStampsIchigo stamp by CureStarStampsYurika by CureStarStamps


Dakimakura 1
Aoi Dakimakura by Keziasherennatalia
Dakimakura 1
only Dakimakura with one site
Dakimakura 2
Syoko Dakimakura by Keziasherennatalia
Dakimakura 2
Dakimakura with 2 sides

U can draw Front-behind or Front-Front
No Background Art
Touken Ranbu - Mikazuki Munechika by Keziasherennatalia
No Background Art
Art withour background , but not full body
Colorful Background Art
Ichigo Hoshimiya by Keziasherennatalia
Cure Happy by Keziasherennatalia
Cure Sunny by Keziasherennatalia
Cure Peace by Keziasherennatalia
Colorful Background Art
Art with Background  
Pairing with Colored background
Happy Birthday Otoya by Keziasherennatalia
MasaKoko by Keziasherennatalia
HBD Shylette by Keziasherennatalia
Like 4th comish but with 2 characters , make pairs with colorful BG





Aikatsu - Ichigo by Keziasherennatalia
Aikatsu - Ichigo
Ichigo Hoshimiya from Aikatsu again ^^ , i never go  to submit art again LOL and i want waiting my costume ^^ and back to school again

Aikatsu (c) Bandai
Artwork (c) me
Ichigo Hoshimiya dakimakura by Keziasherennatalia
Ichigo Hoshimiya dakimakura
Who want hug her ??

I made this from inspirated from Aikatsu episode 'Summer Miracle' where Ichigo bring her giant cute teru-teru doll LOL Ichigo Happy Icon Ichigo Talking Icon

and this is kinda hard for draw her pose Ichigo Crying Icon Ichigo Shaking Head Icon btw i almost give up and wanna try again ^^ Mizuki Drinking Tea Icon , she hugs teru teru doll
btw , i don't have idea for write this description now hehe Ichigo Crying Icon Ichigo Eating Icon Ichigo Glasses Icon

ok , i hope u like it ^^ Sakura Sparkleeye Icon

Aikatsu (c) Bandai
Artowrk (c) me
Tori no Uta by Keziasherennatalia

I forget for give my Utapri oc , Kokoro Trivias , btw these are her trivias :
Little Pixel Heart She can ride a bicycle and car, but she likes not careful if late for school or elsewhere
Little Pixel Heart
She was very loves yogurt and strawberry, if anyone eaten by there than her, she would get angry or rampage
Little Pixel Heart
The real color of her hair is full pink, she dyed her left purple-colored and has the opposite end of her hairs
Little Pixel Heart
If he wears glasses and braid, she'll turns into dandere
Little Pixel Heart
Sometimes she's troublemaker, sometimes she's a hero
Little Pixel Heart Ren always call her "Yogo-Musu" (Yogurt girl) bcuz she is yogurt maniac
Little Pixel Heart She hate Camus senpai , bcuz
he was the most grumpy that likes to punish her and her friends
Little Pixel Heart Kokoro is the sexy type as game character (for Utapri debut, Amazing aria n All star)
Little Pixel Heart She is very smart for all lesson
Little Pixel Heart
she always wears makeup like lipstick, mascara, blush and eyeliner and eye her bottom there are 2 crystal
Little Pixel Heart
She wears nail polish with a pink and purple alternately
Little Pixel Heart She is being stalker who loves Masato
Little Pixel Heart She has small tuft on her hair
Little Pixel Heart She is girl who tallest than all girls in A Class
Little Pixel Heart She can playing Bass and guitar , but in season 3 , she can play Syntisizer too bcuz Ai teach her
Little Pixel Heart Her eyes color not white , but metalic silver
Little Pixel Heart Her voice not like Teto or Miku , but her voice like Macne Nana (but in heavy voice) in Season 1 & 2 ,but in season 3 her voice like Galaco n Shibasaki Kou
Little Pixel Heart
she was wearing a rose pink ribbon length of approximately 80-100 meters
Little Pixel Heart If she go to scool , her shoes is a boot , she coat it with Legwarpers like Hinamori Amu
Little Pixel Heart She is Yaami's oldest sister
Little Pixel Heart S
he is a robot that was created before all the character and ocs utapri born, you could say she was the oldest among them all
Little Pixel Heart She like R-18 fanfic n doujinshi
Little Pixel Heart
Kokoro is a very kind girl when the exam, she likes to shared a cheat sheet to all the friends in the class if the test in a strange way
Little Pixel Heart
She wore a uniform that was not neat because her clothes are too small or too hot
Little Pixel Heart
Likes to make mischief in the city with her friends
Little Pixel Heart
She had been a great shock due to Masato once rejected her
Little Pixel Heart S
he often let slip the way slob when angry with someone
Little Pixel Heart
Sometimes she likes to fuss invites even with objects like the teacher's desk placed haphazardly (?)
Little Pixel Heart Like snacking cucumber or lemon and strawberries
Little Pixel Heart
mulatto from Japanesse and Korean
Little Pixel Heart
She was the most feared girl in school
Little Pixel Heart He sometimes save someone from a thug or a pickpocket

Kokoro and her other version by Keziasherennatalia

Kitty-chan Yess ! like those trivias about her , ok ! thanks for read is and i will tag you're all ^^ : :iconcosmicgalaxystar: :iconkuriitama: :iconayacchiiin: :icontsuyoist: :iconshylette0027: :iconshintafaradina1:

Kokoro !!! by Keziasherennatalia

See U later ~ !!! Sushi Pokeball 


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Keziasherennatalia's Profile Picture
Kezia a.k.a Kokoro
Artist | Student
Hello , My Name Kezia or Call me Kokoro ^^

im being artist of digital art , and other art like GIF , MMD Etc. plus , And i want introducte my new main Ocs ,Aoi Ellie Rei En Seong ,SAKURA and Creamyberry Kokoro =P

Blinking Aoi Icon by Keziasherennatalia : Anyong haseo , im Aoi :) nice to meet u
Blinking SAKURA Icon by Keziasherennatalia : Watashi SAKURA , nice to meet u ^^
Blinking Kokoro Icon by Keziasherennatalia : Hi ! Im Kokoro

Name : Kezia Sheren Natalia

Nickname : Kokoro

Birth : Jakarta , 19 december 1998

Home town : Indonesia , Jakarta

Favorite Anime n Cartoon : VocaUTAUloid , Uta no Prince sama , The Amazing world of Gumball , Boboiboy , Spongebob Etc.

Gender : Female

favorite color : Pink , light blue , yellow , white , indigo , rainbow , black , golden , silver

:heart: UTAUloid : Aoi Ellie n SAKURA
:heart: Uta Pri : Creamyberry Kokoro

Facebook : Kokoro sama

Yahoo ! :

Uta no Prince-sama - Shou by ChinJin Uta no Prince-sama - Bite Me by ChinJin Uta no Prince-sama - Explode by ChinJin


Now this is main favorite anime for me :
:iconpink-uplz: :iconpink-tplz: :iconpink-aplz:
:iconblue-nplz: :iconblue-oplz:
:iconpink-pplz: :iconpink-rplz: :iconpink-iplz: :iconpink-nplz: :iconpink-cplz: :iconpink-eplz:
:iconblue-splz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-mplz: :iconblue-aplz:


:iconpink-aplz: :iconpink-iplz: :iconpink-kplz: :iconpink-aplz: :iconpink-tplz: :iconpink-splz: :iconpink-uplz:

This is inspirated because i watching it in my television and u can said as my first love with this anime ^^ but Aikatsu my second favorite anime too


UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA favorite characters :
:heart: Syo Kurusu - Maji Love 2000% [Free Icon] by drawwithme15 Syo Kurusu
:heart: Masato Hijirikawa - Maji Love 2000% [Free Icon] by drawwithme15 Hijirikawa Masato
:heart: Ittoki Otoya - Maji Love 2000% [Free Icon] by drawwithme15 Otoya Ittoki
:heart: :iconaimikazeplz: Ai Mikaze

AIKATSU favorite characters :
:heart: :iconichigohoshimiyaplz: Ichigo Hoshimiya
:heart: Yurika Toudou

:iconrainbowplz: :iconrainbowplz: :iconrainbowplz: :iconrainbowplz: :iconrainbowplz: :iconrainbowplz: :iconrainbowplz:

Uta no Prince-sama icon by Natzuki-san U know ? I didn't only love Uta pri n Aikatsu , but i stay love other anime like Vocaloid and Shugo chara and very many he he ^^

Uta no Prince-sama - CRAZY by ChinJin And sometimes , im being crazy if im stressed about my hiatus like study time and test in my school LOL

Wall Uta no Prince Sama Maji LOVE 1000 by RainboWxMikA <- LOL im love this :heart: :heart: :heart:

I Love Uta No Prince Sama Render 7 by foreverGIKWANG This Render >_< :iconpervymayuplz:

I Uta No Prince Sama - Syo Render by foreverGIKWANG :iconlovepinkplz: Uta No Prince Sama - Hijirikawa Render by foreverGIKWANG Uta Uta No Prince Sama - Ottoya Render by foreverGIKWANG Pri

and I Ichigo Hoshimiya Render by XxSweetLemonadexX :iconlovepinkplz: Render Toudou Yurika By Hikari Hitomi by HikariHitomi1999 Aikatsu


Natsuki, Ittoki and Sho Render by foreverGIKWANG
LOL I love cook too , and make some fun and laugh

Uta no Prince-sama - Smile by ChinJin My favorite couple ?? yes , this is my fav Uta pri Pairing :
:bulletpink: Tokiya x Haruka
:bulletpink: Natsuki x Tomochika
:bulletpink: Syo x Otoya
:bulletpink: Masato x Ren
:bulletpink: Masato x Kokoro (Creamyberry Kokoro is my oc)
:bulletpink: Syo x Yaami (Inazuko Yaami belongs with :iconcutefairy09: )
:bulletpink: Ren x Sirius (Achenar Sirius belongs with :iconcosmicgalaxystar: )
:bulletpink: Otoya x Reau (Kimochi Reau belongs with :iconshylette0027: )
:bulletpink: Cecil x Agata (Shibasaki Agata belongs with :iconshintafaradina1: )
:bulletpink: Ai x Kokoro (?)

Uta no Prince-sama - Cookies by ChinJin sorry if i bit or so deviated ( i like Syo x Otoya than Syo x Natsuki) , this is only for me

And My best friend made Uta pri oc too :
:iconkeziasherennatalia: :iconcutefairy09: :iconcosmicgalaxystar: :iconshylette0027: :iconshintafaradina1:

Shou+Otoya_Render by RisaSenpaiRender <- awww , this is so AWESOME !!! :thumbsup: ;)

:iconpinkbow1plz::iconpinkbow2plz::iconpinkbow3plz::iconpinkbow1plz::iconpinkbow2plz::iconpinkbow3plz::iconpinkbow1plz: VOCALOID Stamp by MyFebroniaSTAMP Len Kagamine by The-Last-Fallen-AngeSTAMP Miku Hatsune by The-Last-Fallen-AngeSTAMP Kasane Teto by The-Last-Fallen-AngeVocaloid SeeU Stamp by PanajandroSTAMP Miki by The-Last-Fallen-AngeMAYU Stamp by VocaloidStampsIA Stamp 2 by Kurai-Kogami24STAMP Kaito Shion by The-Last-Fallen-AngeSTAMP Gakupo Kamui by The-Last-Fallen-AngeStamp - Vocaloid: Kaito by SuxinnMayu Stamp by LemoniiLimeChiiSynchronicity stamp by YukoHoon:Vocaloid:KAITO:Stamp: by KaiSukiStamps:Vocaloid:KAITO:Stamp2: by KaiSukiStampsVocaloid - Magnet -K+G- by Gilligan-StampsVocaloid - Imitation Black by Gilligan-StampsVocaloid - Meltdown Hard-RKMix by Gilligan-StampsStamp-Len x Miku by ochidpokemontrainerStamp - Vocaloid: Kaito+Meiko by SuxinnStamp-KaiMei by ochidpokemontrainer.:Gakupo X Luka Stamp:. by Angeru-chanGakupo Luka by just-stampsLen is Love Stamp by xMaikoWolfxSTAMP no.3 by leylalauVocaloid - Setsugetsuka by Gilligan-Stamps[Stamp Request] Galaco by WhiteShadow234[RQ] Oliver Stamp by WhiteShadow234[RQ] BRS Stamp by WhiteShadow234Ellie x Elsa-Maria stamp by ochidpokemontrainerMayu by Mintaka-TK. : : Stamp - Galaco : : . by ChicaTHU MAD BROS? by Mintaka-TKProjectDivaf: Brofist Stamp by RinixKiyoshiIroha Nekomura Stamp by Mayu-HikaruSTAMP iroha nekomura by The-Last-Fallen-AngeVocaloid characters stamp by DS-DNAProject Mirai Vocaloid Stamp by hissatsugirlYami Stamp by RyuuAraragiYamixSaru OTP Stamp by tsunyandereRyouji Kizuato STAMP by pKotetsuVocaloid Stamp: Kaito x Meiko by AliceShionLenxMiku stamp by RanmaGirlSaotomeGakuKai Stamp by S-LaughturAnti Miku x Kaito stamp by CastleUnderTheMoonNaruto Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXxSasuke Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXxSasuke Uchiha flashing stamp by FANGIE-CHANFlashing Naruto Uzumaki Stamp by FANGIE-CHANFlashing Kiba Inuzuka Stamp by FANGIE-CHANStamp: Haruno Sakura by sirbartonsladysaku stamp by kaiyou-chansasu stamp by kaiyou-chanHinata Stamp by itz-Cindyrellahinata stamp by ivivistartenten stamp by ivivistarkonan stamp by ivivistarKonan-Stamp by AkatsukiGirl11Neji Stamp by SGStampsNeji Stamp 1 by Okami-RayneAkatsuki Fan Stamp by xavs-stampsLeaf Kunoichis Fan Stamp by xavs-stampsNaruHina Fan Stamp by Naruto-ShippingsLeaf Boys Fan Stamp by xavs-stampsPokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlex[RQ] Platinum Stamp by WhiteShadow234[RQ] Yellow Stamp by WhiteShadow234Oshawott Stamp by ecokittyRed by SK-StampsBlue 2 by SK-StampsGreen 2 by SK-StampsYellow by SK-StampsRuby by SK-StampsSapphire by SK-StampsEmerald by SK-StampsCrystal by SK-StampsGold by SK-StampsSilver by SK-StampsDiamond by SK-StampsPlatinum by SK-StampsPearl by SK-StampsCiel by LawlStamps(REQUEST) MasaKoko stamp by AsahiGirlKuroshitsuji:Ciel Stamp by dzika-koalaAlois and Ciel stamp - lick by JulesieClaudegasm stamp by JulesieFading Alois by JulesieCiel and Rachel by clio-mokonaPanty and Stocking Stamp by TaezeonPanty and Stocking Stamp by VeminyaStocking stamp by Wa-piePanty Stamp by Creative-TorporStocking Stamp by Creative-TorporStocking Stamp by auenchanteDanny Phantom Stamp by ecokittyDP Transformation Stamp by ecokittyDanny Stuck in a Stamp by ecokittyBBB stamp-Epic by AriieyaBoboiboy Stamp: Fang's Dragon Shadow Power by Fia-V98BBB Petir to Halilintar -Stamp- by Ekaki-no-MelodyBBB Angin to Taufan -Stamp- by Ekaki-no-MelodyBBB Tanah to Gempa -Stamp- by Ekaki-no-MelodyMystery-Guy-Stamp by ryocutemaShugo Chara Stamp by NekoNamiShugo Chara Open Heart Stamp by chocogingerfingersShugo Chara Stamp by chocogingerfingersIkuto Tsukiyomi fan by ChiisanaHoshiUtau fan by ChiisanaHoshiKairi Sanjou fan by ChiisanaHoshiTadase Hotori fan by ChiisanaHoshiKukai Souma fan by ChiisanaHoshiRima Mashiro fan by ChiisanaHoshiSpongebob OMG Stamp by Fyi-SusPatrick:Spongebob by Fyi-SusSquidward by Fyi-SusPat Sponge by Fyi-SusSpongebob and the gang by Fyi-SusHot Spongebob and Patrick by Fyi-SusCreepy Spongebob by Fyi-SusThe Chocolate Guy by Fyi-SusImagination stamp by NamiYamiLOL Patrick by Fyi-SusWho put you on the planet? 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ICON: Shooting Star 1 by Cupcake-Kitty-chan Hearts and Jewels banner [anim.] by socksyyHearts and Jewels banner [anim.] by socksyyICON: Shooting Star 2 by Cupcake-Kitty-chan

OK !! i hope u like my art Uta No Prince Sama Render 6 by foreverGIKWANG Good Luck !!

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:star: I want to be great artist
:star: I want got many Points
:star: I Want My UTAU being popular



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